Ah, the box.

by David Anderson

It would be mind boggling to try to calculate just how much time and money has been spent encouraging people to “think outside the box!” Can you imagine? Yikes!

And for every good idea that may have been produced by demanding people think outside the box, a plethora of bad ideas have also been unwittingly unleashed on the American boardroom.

Take for instance, the idea that there are no bad ideas. That, itself, is a bad idea. Trust me, I’ve heard tons of them. But, the reason most of them were bad ideas was not because they lacked imagination or creativity. It was because they were not feasible. Not actionable. And therefore, not altogether valuable.

In business, for an idea to really have value, it must be doable. And in order to conceive doable ideas, one must have an acute understanding of the parameters in which that idea will exist.

Which brings me back to the box.

And while it may be creativity that allows us to think outside it, it is the pure genius of common sense that enables us to work within it.