The Value of Content Curation

by David Anderson

We used to call it branding. But today, it’s referred to as content curation.

Content “curation” is defined as the process of sorting through significant amounts of content, repurposing it, and presenting it via a myriad of outlets in a meaningful and organized way around a specific theme. A theme that positively resonates with your prospects and customers.

For a long time, content curation was used largely a marketing tool for selecting information appropriate for corporate blogs or websites. Lately, it has been used as a tool for selecting content for brands to post to primarily social media channels.

However, recently content has begun to see wider applications among marketers eager to cut down on the time they spent every day sifting through the tons of online information.

We curate content from a wide variety of online sources including trade publications, social media profiles, blogs, scientific journals, news outlets, and more. We organize the information by grouping and categorizing related content. We then share content with the appropriate audience using a variety of different channels including websites, social media feeds, blogs, mobile apps, widgets, and email newsletters.

However, it is crucial to remember that content curation is a fundamentally human process. At the center of it all is the curator – hand selecting which content to share, determining the organizational method that will increase accessibility and usability, and adding context and insight that will aid the audience in gaining a deeper understanding of the content.

Why Curate You Say?

We have already stated that curated content is the key to horizontally expanding the brand. That expansion will ultimately lead to increased brand prominence and sales. Here are just some of the benefits we have seen that come with well-curated content:

  • Improve Search Engine Optimization: Well-curated content becomes additional indexable pages that provide more doorways into your site via search engines.
  • Establish Credibility as a Thought Leader: Well-curated content helps you develop go-to web resources that improve your credibility and encourage visitors to trust you as the authority on your topic.
  • Support Lead Generation: Well-curated content drives incremental site visits that increase the potential for landing quality leads.
  • Streamline Lead Nurturing: Well-curated content is easily repurposed via newsletters, emails, and other channels to make lead nurturing simple and consistent.
  • Complement Social Media & Blogging; Well-curated content supplements your social media publishing schedule and helps facilitate social media conversations not only with prospects and customers, but also with peers.