Stripped down. Geared up. Ready to roll.

by David Anderson

50 years ago, many of the really bright, creative people coming out of universities went to work in advertising agencies. It was an emerging field, an industry that meshed art, science, human behavior and business.

It was a cool thing to do.

Pioneers like David Ogilvy, Bill Bernbach and Leo Burnett spoke to business leaders in the new language of Consumer marketing. And they became gurus in the process. The ad agency became corporate America’s primary resource for the new necessities known as strategic thinking, creative spin, market research and ultimate consumer knowledge. Clients sought out this thinking and with it, the consumer insight they could not find in their own organizations.

That was then. This is now.

Today, very good marketers are nearly everywhere in business. Computers, education, experience and the Internet have put more information in the client’s hands than ever before. And, smart companies have invested in becoming more marketing centric. They have hired the Best and brightest to lead their corporate marketing efforts. Professionals, who devote an entire career in many cases, to a very specific channel of expertise. And, the good ones will forget more about their business than most agency people will ever know. What has not changed in this evolution however is the essence of every great agency. The essential element that cannot be found in a class, on-line or on disc. Great creative.

Great marketers can tell you all about their audience. Great creative will move them. Great marketers can tell you where the audience lives. Great creative will get them to listen. Great marketers can number and quantify the target to a fairthewell. Great creative will stop them in their tracks.

That’s the talent part. That spontaneous interpretive ability known as creativity. The intangible that cannot be taught, learned or faked. That’s what we do.